Be the Green Envy of your Neighbours!
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Biomass, Biodiesel and Hydrogen Products


Fuel Cells Africa has a Game Changing Technology to de-carbonise the world, creating Greener than Green Hydrogen
by using Advanced Plasma Technology.

Ours is greener than green hydrogen.

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab has found that for every ton of hydrogen produced, our process displaces 23 to 31 tons of carbon dioxide.  That’s 13 to 19 tons more carbon dioxide avoided than other green hydrogen production processes, which rely on electrolysis from renewable energy.

Traditional green hydrogen made from electrolysis is very expensive to produce and requires tremendous amounts of renewable power, which is intermittent, and water, which is a scarce global resource. Unlike other green hydrogen, our greener than green hydrogen does not require a high electrical energy load. Electrolysis requires 62 KWh to produce 1 kg of hydrogen from 8 gallons of deionized water.  Our facilities generate their own power (1.8 Kwh per Kg of hydrogen) and do not require external power input to convert waste to hydrogen

Blue, gray and brown hydrogen producers either use fossil fuels (natural gas or coal), or low temperature gasification (<2000º C) to produce dirty syngas with low hydrogen and toxic tars.

 Our technology has been vetted and validated, technically and financially, by leading global institutions. Gasification experts have completed technical diligences for our technology.
One of the world’s largest reinsurers is providing performance output guarantees. 

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