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About Us

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Fuel Cells Africa (FCA) was established in the mid-1990s and specializes in Alternative/Renewable Energy and Specialised LED Lighting Solutions.
By identifying and engaging with high-quality Partners and Suppliers, FCA provides Consulting, Design and Problem-solving solutions. The business is totally unbiased towards the use of different technology tools in order to solve different problems. there is no 'one size fits all' in our Industry, so, all Projects are Custom-built to suit the client's requirements by using the best available technology and products; economic consideration being a decisive part in each of the Processes.  
FCA, the company, can provide consulting services, advice, information, and products for a wide range of interesting technologies; Plasma, Biomass, Hydrogen, Specialised LED Lighting answers and Automated Novel Mining Concepts!

FCA recently concluded an Agency Agreement with an International High Tech., Investment company. 
Their P
atented Plasma Enhanced Gasification technology produces Greener than Green Hydrogen from any kind of waste – paper to plastics, tyres to textiles.  The technology changes the game, and the world, by solving two global crises: climate change and waste pollution!
 This technology has been vetted and validated, technically and financially by leading global institutions.  Major gasification experts have completed technical diligences for this technology, and o
ne of the world’s largest reinsurers is providing performance output guarantees. 

So, watch this space for some very interesting future developments....!

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