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Be the Green Envy of your Neighbours!
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Biomass, Biodiesel and Hydrogen Products

Biomass Gasifiers.

  • Biomass Gasification is a conversion of solid fuel (wood, wood waste, agricultural residues etc.)into a combustible Gas mixture commonly known as Producer Gas.
  • The Gasifier generates a Chemical Reaction where various complex physical and chemical processes take place. Biomass gets dried, heated, pyrolysed, partially oxidised and reduced as it flows through the Gasifier.

    Four distinct processes take place:-

  • Drying
  • Pyrolysis
  • Combustion
  • Reduction
Although there is considerable overlap, each Process can be considered to be occupying a separate zone, in which fundamentally different chemical and thermal reactions take place. The fuel must pass through all of these zones to be completely converted.

Our System is a downdraft, 'Tar-free' Gasifier.

Waste to energy and fuels

Our solution which produces energy from waste is supplied via Tetronic's partner, Advanced Plasma Power (APP). Working with Tetronics, APP has developed the Gasplasma® process, a clean, modular and scalable advanced waste to energy and fuels technology which delivers high efficiencies whilst minimising visual and environmental impact during waste recycling.

The Gasplasma® technology is a two-stage advanced conversion process. It combines two long standing and well proven technologies (gasification and plasma conversion) in a unique configuration. After the removal of valuable recyclates, the Gasplasma® process treats a wide range of non-recyclable feedstocks produced from residual municipal solid waste and commercial/industrial waste converting them all into two high value outputs: a clean, high quality, energy-rich synthesis gas (syngas) and a solid, vitrified product (Plasmarok®) – each with multiple applications.